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  • Oct 24, 2017

10 Halloween Makeup Looks: From Cute To Creepy

With Halloween right around the corner, it is the perfect time to decide on your costume. This year, ditch the expensive store-bought costumes, and go all-out with your makeup for some impressive and efficient results. Students at our beauty school in Philadelphia created the perfect looks for your inspiration!

1. Age Yourself

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With some lines in all the right places, you can create the perfect wrinkles and bags to appear convincingly older. Spray some grey into your hair, or drape some fabric over it for a head covering and you’re all set!


2. Stunning Alien

There are plenty of alien costumes out there, but why not make yours sparkly and stunning? Add some glitter, some bold eyeliner, and out-of-this-world lipstick to a green tinted face for some beautiful results. To go the extra mile, pick up some faux ears and putty for added effect!


3. Melted Cone

Halloween Makeup Philadelphia

For the more advanced and ambitious trick-or-treaters, this look is a beautiful and intricate makeup feat. For a slightly simpler look, just go with the melting ice cream! Spray some color into your hair, swirl in in the right place, and add a cone on top. On the same side of your head, using the same color makeup, create the look of dripping ice cream. Add some sprinkles and dramatic eye makeup for the sweetest finishing touches.


4. Cute Cat

A cat is a classic go-to Halloween costume. Make yours unique by adding your own makeup touch! As long as you’ve got whiskers and a triangle nose, you’ve got free range on the rest of the face. Add tiger stripes, leopard print, black and grey accents, or keep it classic and white.


5. Sassy Scarecrow

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Add a few stitch lines around the mouth, add bright lips, and use a fall green for the lids, and you’ve got a cute scarecrow! You can add some extra stitches and other details for a more intricate look. Stick some straw in the sleeves of your cutest outfit and you’re ready to go!


6. Comic Book Character

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Accentuate the lines on your face with some black and add white dots along your entire face. Bolden your eyebrows, and pair a bright lipstick with some black liner. This classic look has usually got some tears under the eyes, or a yellow and red “POW”.


7. Gruesome Wounds

Using Special Effects techniques, create some gory details to go with any outfit. A face, neck, or arm wound will catch attention and stand out.


8. Mesmerizing Mermaid

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Use some fishnet to create a purple scaly pattern over a blue-tinted face, and create dramatic eyes and lips. Add shells and seaweed galore!


9. Detailed Masquerade

Halloween Makeup in Philadelphia

Really unleash your creativity on this one! Create the outline of a mask, and fill it in with lace, floral, or whatever details you can think of!


10. Darling Deer

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With everyone’s favorite Snapchat filter as the inspiration, this deer makeup looks cute on anyone! Add light shades around the eyes and bridge of your nose, some dark around your chin, and detail in dark brown. Add white spots, dramatic eyeliner, and a neutral lip color. Accentuate with some deer ears if you please!


Our Beauty School in Philadelphia Can Help!

Are these looks a little too intimidating for you to tackle on your own? For the month of October, our beauty school in Philadelphia is offering a free makeup application with any hair service and we’d love to get you Halloween-ready! Make sure to call 215-490-9811 to book your appointment soon!

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